Engaged Search

Engaged Search - Our Total Partnership Process

Top People Make Your Company Thrive. Finding Those People Can Be Hard.
We listen to our client’s needs through an extensive discussion to define company culture, business model, products/services, and determine goals of our search assignment. Understanding the core of our client will streamline each future search regardless of the specifics of each unique assignment.
Based on our consultation, Schaper Associates and our client gather key notes to develop or refine a specific job description. Expectations of the role, time line of hire, and a recruiting strategy are clearly defined.
Utilizing our proprietary proven methods, we compile a comprehensive list of companies and names to target qualified
Our recruiters invest significant time connecting with potential candidates to filter through our screening process.
The most qualified people (typically 3-5) are selected and presented to our client including summaries and resumes.
Our recruiter will prepare the client to gain the most information from each interview.
We coordinate interviews and debrief all parties so the client can determine potential hires.
Our closing strategy includes coming to terms on compensation, benefits, educating the candidate on counteroffers, extending the offer, and receiving a signed acceptance letter.
We stay in touch with all parties during the transition of the hire and include guidance throughout the on-boarding process.

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