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HVAC recruiters in United States

We know Top People Make Your Company Thrive. Finding Those People Can Be Difficult. The Best Talent Won’t Look for You. You Need to Find Them which is why we are YOUR experts at SOURCING passive job seekers.
HVAC Sales Schaper Associates Inc. was establised in 2001 by Karen Schaper. She began Schaper Associates with fourteen years’ experience as a recruiter, trainer, well trained and co-owner in the recruiting industry.

Her passion is to help agencies find Top Talent in the marketplace, so they can build their businesses, and effectively guide candidates in administrating their professions to take it to the next level. She understands their careers are most likely their biggest asset in life, so she created a team of recruiting professionals that have the same principles. Collectively the Schaper Associates team brings over fifty years of professional recruiting experience.

We Work to Create Long Term Professional Marriages

Schaper Associates works with a wide range of companies from small business to Fortune 100 establishments and everything in between. In addition to our many references some of our extraordinary Accomplishments involve:

HVAC Recruiters

  • York International’s #1 provider for over 10 years nationwide and Canada prior to JCI them
  • Noresco’s exclusive provider for over 5 years under Ted O’Brien, former President of Noresco when owned by ERI
  • Preferred vendor for Trane, CSUSA, and Carrier Enterprise to name a few
  • Partnered with a venture capitalist firm and successfully placed a highly visible CEO for a startup HVAC company in just an eight week time periodPlaced 10 Performance contract sales professionals within 90 days for a business that just entered into the energy savings model.

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