Schaper Associates, Inc Published: September 6, 2018


Job Title: Residential Installation Manager

Work Hours: 6:45 – 5:00, Monday through Friday, daily overtime, some weeknights and weekends

Primary Job Function:
To manage the installation operations of the company, including the scheduling and dispatch of the crews, ordering and purchasing equipment and materials, inventory stocking program, oversee all warehouse functions. Clear and concise communications with company customers, including keeping customers appraised as to company schedule and requested lead time. Oversee the training and efficiency of company installers. Adherence and enforcement of company’s “No Will Call” policy. Implementation and enforcement of company’s purchasing policy. The overall supervision of the company’s installation crew and the profitability of installation jobs.

Reports To: Owner

Daily Duties:

  • Open Shop at 6:45.
  • Update job schedule and layout schedule for next five days.
  • Review new jobs with installer, check paper work and time card from previous days job, find out any punch list or uncompleted items.
  • Check at least one installer’s tools and van per week.
  • Walk shop and loading area, answer questions, installers gone by 7:30.
  • Schedule layouts and update layout & design schedules.
  • Turn in all files for billing from prior day.
  • Turn over tomorrows shop fabrication for completion today.
  • Purchase equipment for jobs scheduled three days from today.
  • Purchase special orders, materials etc, all purchasing should be done by 10:00.
  • 10:00 leave for scheduled layouts.
  • Contact office before & after each layout.
  • Check on one or two jobs in progress each day for quality & on time status.
  • Be available by radio for installer’s questions, know whereabouts and progress of crew during the day.
  • 3:30 return to the shop to update schedule, finish drawings, etc.
  • Return builder/customer calls.
  • Follow up field status with crew.
  • Turn over ASAP fittings to the shop.
  • Check warehouse person to make certain that all jobs for the next day have been pulled and staged in the loading area.

Location: Greenville, SC (Relocation assistance provided)

Performance Indicators:

Certain key business indicators will measure the effectiveness of the Installation Manager. These include the following:

  • Contract performance, how many hours for shop, install, gas pipe, trim and startup are incurred, compared to the amount of hours estimated.
  • Degree to which unproductive labor or lost time is minimized.
  • Degree to which Installers improve in ability and in efficiency.
  • Number of problems that arise as a result of jobs not being installed according to original or revised layout and design.
  • Number of warranty calls, resulting in non-billable time.
  • Quantity of rush orders, will calls as a result of poor planning.
  • Number of return trips/call backs due to installer error.
  • Quality of installer’s paper work and documentation of operations/installations.
  • Number of times jobs not started on time.
  • Number of jobs held up due to material, equipment or fittings not ready.


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